Friday, May 22, 2015

A Thought for the Long Weekend

"The worst, most corrupting kinds of lies are problems poorly stated." - Georges Bernanos

Some people will say (a related ploy was explored in my post of September 30, 2014) something like, "We've spent all this money on anti-poverty programs, and welfare, etc., etc., etc., and, gee, people still live in poverty and we have an underclass" and so on and so forth.  If these same persons heard, or read, something like, "Gosh, I don't understand, we pass laws and have police, and there is still a lot of crime," or "Man, we spend billions on the military, and there are still wars,and we still have enemies" - wouldn't they pounce on the illogic of these rhetorical questions? 

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  1. I still don't what is easter and why its there?